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Word Power IV - The Power of Dreams (Part 2)

This is a sequel to The Power of Dreams (Part 1). In this discussion we shall continue with the tools for faith development:
Dreams – Vision for life, goals. Dream is the power to visualize our various destinations, what should happen and it is the difference between now and the future. Dreams never paint the past; it uses the present and garnishes it with your thought pattern to create a mental picture of your future. This is the reason why some positive achievements should not be a surprise to you because you saw it coming. You would have dreamt about it, talked about it and now you are living it with gratitude. That is what déjà vu is all about – when you feel like you have already experienced it. 

Don’t forget: you will only settle for what you get when you don’t consciously determine where you are going. Some hardly dream, but those who dare to dream reap its fruits. Consider the life of the Bible character, Joseph who was sprung to unrivaled fame and success through the power of dreams and faith in God, which was the foundation for his thoughts (Genesis 37).

We concluded in previous discussion mentioning, “…positive words may see the way, but a Faith word paves the way.” However, Faith word helps you to dream, and paves the way to achieve it. Dream! Dream big! So big that it will have to take God’s grace to achieve it. Keep speaking your dreams to life just the same way God call things to being as though they were.  Don’t let anything bad happen to you or anything good without your knowledge. Determine what should happen in your life. It may take some time to develop that awareness, but it sure produces good and lasting result. See the success and achievements in your life and never forget, “Faith is the victory that overcomes the world.” (1 Jn.5: 4)

1.    Does your position in the family or society dictate your destiny?
Hint: Joseph’s position in his family: 11th of 12 sons, and 12th of 13 Children.  – Gen. 30:22-24; 35:22
2.    When is the right age to start dreaming? And when you dare, do you see it as nightmares or motivations?
Hint: Joseph was 17 when he had the recorded dreams.
3.    What were the direct effect of Joseph’s talking about his dreams on:
-                Him
-                His Audience
4.    In what ways can you make your dreams influence others?
When you do not seem to be there yet, do you attempt to help others realize their dreams?
Hint: Helping others to visualize their destination brings you much closer to yours. (Gen. 40:9-15)
5.    How easy is it to look beyond the human help mentally than looking to God’s help?
Hint: Joseph’s request and the butler (Gen. 40:14,15 & 23)
6.    What do you think when you consider the Rewards?
Joseph 11th of 12 children in the family, but received the inheritance of the eldest son – Gen. 49:22-26; 50:15-21)

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