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Word Power IV - The Power of Dreams (Part 1)

In the previous discussions, we have diligently studied the topic, Word Power in its various phases. Having laid a foundation and established the act of speaking positively and speaking in faith, we will now move a step further to consider what helps us to develop faith, what we can use that Faith to achieve and the tools we may need to guard against faithless thoughts.

First we’ll consider out thought patterns. Your thought pattern is what has driven or brought you where you are at the moment. It determines who you are and where you go, without really considering your wishes. In some circumstances, wishes become an aberration of your thoughts especially when not accompanied by active creative thoughts. Be in control; take charge of your thoughts. Determine what needs to happen, what is happening and how it should happen. People are usually skeptical of various happenings – not sure what the next turn of event will be. People always think good things or bad may happen at one time or another. This way of thinking stems up most times from the way we see ourselves. The potential difference between you and your mates, now or later, is the product of what you have stored up in you. Your thought pattern draws you closer to its fulfillment. You are the product of what you think.

Can you easily give a genuine answer to this question: who do you think you are?

First your mental picture sees that question in two challenging perspectives: the challenge to either accept a low self esteem or prove your-self-worth. On a second thought, it’s an opportunity to sell your self, irrespective of the tone of voice or circumstance. That’s exactly how life throws challenges at us.

So back to the question, ‘who do you think you are?’ It may sound simple, but it’s a personality search question. Who you think you are is who you really are! Not the verbal ‘what you think’, but the inner nonverbal home-alone ‘what you think’.

This is the same reason why you should not cower under impending circumstance hoping to rise up to it when the challenge presents itself. The challenges you have won mentally will only come to play in reality as defeated. be continued.

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