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Word Power IV - The Power of Dreams (Part 2)

This is a sequel to The Power of Dreams (Part 1). In this discussion we shall continue with the tools for faith development:
Dreams – Vision for life, goals. Dream is the power to visualize our various destinations, what should happen and it is the difference between now and the future. Dreams never paint the past; it uses the present and garnishes it with your thought pattern to create a mental picture of your future. This is the reason why some positive achievements should not be a surprise to you because you saw it coming. You would have dreamt about it, talked about it and now you are living it with gratitude. That is what déjà vu is all about – when you feel like you have already experienced it. 

Don’t forget: you will only settle for what you get when you don’t consciously determine where you are going. Some hardly dream, but those who dare to dream reap its fruits. Consider the life of the Bible character, Joseph who was sprung to unrivaled fame and success through the power of dreams and faith in God, which was the foundation for his thoughts (Genesis 37).

We concluded in previous discussion mentioning, “…positive words may see the way, but a Faith word paves the way.” However, Faith word helps you to dream, and paves the way to achieve it. Dream! Dream big! So big that it will have to take God’s grace to achieve it. Keep speaking your dreams to life just the same way God call things to being as though they were.  Don’t let anything bad happen to you or anything good without your knowledge. Determine what should happen in your life. It may take some time to develop that awareness, but it sure produces good and lasting result. See the success and achievements in your life and never forget, “Faith is the victory that overcomes the world.” (1 Jn.5: 4)

1.    Does your position in the family or society dictate your destiny?
Hint: Joseph’s position in his family: 11th of 12 sons, and 12th of 13 Children.  – Gen. 30:22-24; 35:22
2.    When is the right age to start dreaming? And when you dare, do you see it as nightmares or motivations?
Hint: Joseph was 17 when he had the recorded dreams.
3.    What were the direct effect of Joseph’s talking about his dreams on:
-                Him
-                His Audience
4.    In what ways can you make your dreams influence others?
When you do not seem to be there yet, do you attempt to help others realize their dreams?
Hint: Helping others to visualize their destination brings you much closer to yours. (Gen. 40:9-15)
5.    How easy is it to look beyond the human help mentally than looking to God’s help?
Hint: Joseph’s request and the butler (Gen. 40:14,15 & 23)
6.    What do you think when you consider the Rewards?
Joseph 11th of 12 children in the family, but received the inheritance of the eldest son – Gen. 49:22-26; 50:15-21)

Michaels Aibangbee
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Word Power IV - The Power of Dreams (Part 1)

In the previous discussions, we have diligently studied the topic, Word Power in its various phases. Having laid a foundation and established the act of speaking positively and speaking in faith, we will now move a step further to consider what helps us to develop faith, what we can use that Faith to achieve and the tools we may need to guard against faithless thoughts.

First we’ll consider out thought patterns. Your thought pattern is what has driven or brought you where you are at the moment. It determines who you are and where you go, without really considering your wishes. In some circumstances, wishes become an aberration of your thoughts especially when not accompanied by active creative thoughts. Be in control; take charge of your thoughts. Determine what needs to happen, what is happening and how it should happen. People are usually skeptical of various happenings – not sure what the next turn of event will be. People always think good things or bad may happen at one time or another. This way of thinking stems up most times from the way we see ourselves. The potential difference between you and your mates, now or later, is the product of what you have stored up in you. Your thought pattern draws you closer to its fulfillment. You are the product of what you think.

Can you easily give a genuine answer to this question: who do you think you are?

First your mental picture sees that question in two challenging perspectives: the challenge to either accept a low self esteem or prove your-self-worth. On a second thought, it’s an opportunity to sell your self, irrespective of the tone of voice or circumstance. That’s exactly how life throws challenges at us.

So back to the question, ‘who do you think you are?’ It may sound simple, but it’s a personality search question. Who you think you are is who you really are! Not the verbal ‘what you think’, but the inner nonverbal home-alone ‘what you think’.

This is the same reason why you should not cower under impending circumstance hoping to rise up to it when the challenge presents itself. The challenges you have won mentally will only come to play in reality as defeated. be continued.

Michaels Aibangbee
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Monday, June 14

Word Power III - Positive Talk vs Faith

This is a sequel to the last discussion where we established the essence of speaking positively in our daily lives. But then positive words have its limitations. We may say positive words, but there is a power behind those words, and the force that releases it determines that power. I hope you will agree with me that to most people, especially the ‘Uninitiated,’ speaking faith is like talking crap, it just sounds senselessly foolish. By 'Uninitiated,' I mean those who have not been brought up or groomed with the science of speaking in faith - the faith of God.

In this discussion, we shall consider what the dividing line between positive and faith speaking is, the product of both, and how to set ourselves up for undeniable success in life.

Most times people think when you speak in faith, you are probably in denial of reality. No! It strictly means you have gone beyond the ordinary to a higher level of thoughts and definitiveness of purpose. Faith is not the denial of reality, but the conviction of the fact and your role in it. Considering the ancient story of the 12 Israel spies sent to spy out Canaan, because God has assured them a promise of an inheritance. At their return, they had to 'tell it as it is' to Moses who sent them on the journey. Majority of them gave an account of what they saw, but only two had decided to see it differently. You may know the story (Numbers 13:30 - 33).

They agreed with the fact that the country's economy was buoyant with all the good stuff, but then, they saw the residents as not friendly, and a scare to their existence. They literally saw themselves as grasshoppers in their eyes because of their giant built. Was that real? Yes! But was it the fact? No! However, Caleb and Joshua gave a different account. It was not a feel good account, but defined their role in the reality of the circumstance. Caleb spoke up, "...'Let us go up boldly and possess it, for we are well able to do it.' But the men that went up with him said, 'We are not able to go up against the people, for they are stronger than we.' And they brought to the children of Israel an evil report of the land which they had searched out, saying, 'The land, which we have passed through to search it out, is a land that eats up its inhabitants; and all the people that we have seen in it are men of great stature; and there have we seen giants - the sons of Anak are of the giants - and we were in our sight as grasshoppers, and so we were also in their sight.'"

Furthermore, Joshua and Caleb, who were of them that spied out the land, tore their clothes: and they told all the congregation of the children of Israel, The land we went to spy out, is an exceeding good land. If God delight in us, then He will bring us into this land, and give it to us; a land which flows with milk and honey. Only rebel not against God, neither be afraid of the people of the land; for they are bread for us: their defense is removed from over them, and God is with us: do not be afraid."  

And that is Faith!

There are life's circumstances that sometimes seems to deter us from God's promises, and deprive us of enjoying life, but you can take your cues from Caleb and Joshua today. It may be in your job, or people at your work place, or family, or relationships. Speak God's word regarding that circumstance. You can start by saying, "No matter how ugly the situation is, or how bleak the circumstance is, I am coming out stronger with my head high." Keep saying it, "I am coming out stronger because it will all work out for my good!"

Here is the difference:
1. Positive words comes from desires,  but Faith word comes by Revelation. There are some circumstances that positive talk will not toss you over. But faith can see you through - Faith in God and His word which tells you, 'I will never leave you nor forsake you.'

2. Positive words strives against the negative which could be changed by morality and rules, but Faith word conquers anything even when its against nature. Whatsoever is born of God, overcomes (conquers) the world (every situation) - (1 Jn. 5:4).

3. Faith speaking comes with persuasion. Until you are persuaded, you are not talking in faith. Think about Abraham in the bible, who was very old, "...yet, looking at the promise of God (about having children), he wavered not through unbelief, but waxed strong through faith, giving glory to God, and being fully assured that what God had promised, He (God) was able also to perform." (Rom 4:17‐21)

Thoughts: Think about the words that you use more on a daily basis, how much faith can you see out of them?

Thoughts: Ask yourself, "Where am I going with my talk pattern? (Where would it possibly lead me?)"

Never forget, positive words may see the way, but a Faith word paves the way. Being positive strives to work it out, but FAITH takes a hold of it (seeing it as a reality). The life of faith is so exciting. Desire and determine to start leaving by faith, and you will never find another circumstance that can numb you out!

I've got lots to tell you...

- Michaels Aibangbee
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Word Power II - Right Word vs Talking 'Crap'

In previous discussion, we addressed a topic, “The Power of Confession.” An excerpt: “… words have tremendous power over our lives. When you are really aware of it, you can change your life's pattern drastically. However, most people don’t give it much attention and make things much harder on themselves. …You can actually create the results you want by speaking them over and over before they happen.”

Most of us pay less attention to what we say. We just say them! We commit with our words, but don’t commit to our words. We just talk to get by the situation. But words are more than that. Your words represent you. Its just like talking to someone over the phone, though he may not be able to see your face at the time, but he holds on to your words as YOU. Talk they say is cheap. But that is not correct. Crap talk is cheap, but at the end you pay a huge price for recklessness.

Your words can implicate you in a great trouble. One of Jesus' close friend, James once said, "We often stumble and fall, all of us. If there is any one who never stumbles in speech, that man has reached maturity of character and is able to curb his whole nature" (James 3:2 - Weymouth). Determine to always commit to what you say. People can hardly trust you when you are not able to commit to your words. Its more like telling your self a lie. Don not speak words that you have not thought through. Don't speak what you are not thinking, and don't speak when you are not thinking. Speak the words that you have accurately proven to be a perfect representation of you.

In addition, when you speak, let it be words that are bound to produce good results. Jesus said, “Out of the fullness (the overflow, the superabundance) of the heart, the mouth speaks. The good man out of his inner good treasure flings forth good things. And the evil man out of his inner evil storehouse flings forth evil things. But I tell you, on the day of judgment, men will have to give account of every idle (inoperative, nonworking) word they speak.” (AMP). You might think, well the day of judgment is very a religious term, and its a time in the not very near future. Well Jesus meant that, and this: the day of reckoning. The day of reckoning is as well the time when you get the result of words that you have spoken: Success if positive, and definite embarrassment if negative.

When I mentioned earlier in Jesus' words, "...Every Idle word...," the word IDLE is translated in the Greek as meaning - useless, unprofitable, barren, unproductive.

I want you to take time and consider the following:
a. Do you just Talk or Communicate?
b. What are the main ingredients of your words? (Do you think crap? Or talk crap? Do you have it in your vocabulary?) N/B: Think about the words that you use more on a daily basis, write them on a paper and reconsider them.
c. Where am I going with my talk pattern? (Where would it possibly lead me?)

I would like to conclude this part by reiterating that the words you speak represent you. It is the product of what you have continuously fed yourself with (whether consciously or unconsciously), and where you have been; and it will guide you to your destination. Ask yourself, "Are my words really leading me where my mind wants to go?" Start considering every word that comes out of your mouth from now. Consciously anticipate its results and ability before you say them. Until you say
them, it is powerless. “Make sure you think long and hard before you speak; it can literally change the direction and the path of your life.”

- Michaels Aibangbee
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Word Power 1 - The Power of Confession

There is a little known fact that words have tremendous power over our lives. When you are really aware of it, you can change your life's pattern drastically. However, most people don’t give it much attention and make things much harder on themselves. Yes, the words you speak out of your mouth have an amazing power because your ears hear what you say. Your mind believes every word you say to be true, and it believes whatever you say. Successful people are well aware of this. They know that you can actually create the results you want by speaking them over and over before they happen. Your mind hears these instructions and will actually make them come true.
If you want to be Rich, speak about yourself as already being Rich. Speak about how you’re just getting started. Speak about all of the wonderful things that will be happening in your life. Make a conscious effort to speak positively about situations even if you don’t believe them to be true. Your mind will begin to believe them. You’ll actually feel better about the situation itself.

Someone once suggested to think of the worst thing going on in your life right now then begin to speak about it positively, confessing God’s word over it. I strongly agree and endorse that statement! If you’re sick, talk about how much better you feel all of a sudden. If you have money problems, talk about how you’re getting your finances in order and the problems will pass. If you have marriage problems, talk about how you’ll be a better spouse and how much your marriage is about to improve. Then watch, as the problems will begin to fix themselves.

Words work the other way too. Watch someone talking poorly about his or her spouse and I’ll show you a divorce about to happen. I read about someone who, since she was 20 years old, said she would die of cancer one day. I understand she died of cancer at age 37.

On a deeper level, "Confession" merely means to proclaim God's word, as though it was written thousands of years ago specifically for you, because it was!  These are God's precious promises for our lives.  If you have unsaved loved ones, for example, you can believe when you pray God's word into their situation (or any situation of yours) that His Word will not return to Him void, but it will do exactly what it was meant to do" (Isaiah 55:11). By speaking God's promises into your situation, you are praying the answer, rather than focusing on the problem.  In other words, by speaking His words, rather than making up your own, you have the assurance of what His will is regarding the subject. 

Instead of asking Him, thank Him, and give Glory to God for the answer! Remind Him that His word has already provided the solution, and watch the power of God's words make it happen for you, and in other peoples' lives. Positive words can do much, but God’s word is invincible and it cannot fail.

- Michaels Aibangbee
Zoe Generation! The Waterfalls & Transformation Edge Group
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Sunday, March 7

Living for History - The Best Period

Its great priviledge to start off this discussion with an excerpt from the great Legend's (Dr Martin Luther King Jr) last speech, "I've been to the mountain top" - April 3, 1968.

"...And you know, if I were standing at the beginning of time, with the possibility of taking a kind of general and panoramic view of the whole human history up to now, and the Almighty said to me, "Martin Luther King, which age would you like to live in?" - I would take my mental flight by Egypt and I would watch God's children in their magnificent trek from the dark dungeons of Egypt through, or rather across the Red Sea, through the wilderness on toward the promised land. And in spite of its magnificence, I wouldn't stop there.

I would move on by Greece, and take my mind to Mount Olympus. And I would see Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Euripides and Aristophanes assembled around the Parthenon. And I would watch them around the Parthenon as they discussed the great and eternal issues of reality. But I wouldn't stop there.

I would go on, even to the great heyday of the Roman Empire. And I would see developments
around there, through various emperors and leaders. But I wouldn't stop there. I would even
come up to the day of the Renaissance, and get a quick picture of all that the Renaissance did for the cultural and aesthetic life of man. But I wouldn't stop there.

I would even go by the way that the man for whom I'm named had his habitat. And I would watch Martin Luther as he tacked his ninety-five theses on the door at the church of Wittenberg. But I wouldn't stop there.

I would come on up even to 1863, and watch a vacillating president by the name of Abraham Lincoln finally come to the conclusion that he had to sign the Emancipation Proclamation. But I wouldn't stop there.

I would even come up to the early thirties, and see a man grappling with the problems of the
bankruptcy of his nation. And come with an eloquent cry that we have nothing to fear but fear
itself. But I wouldn't stop there.

Strangely enough, I would turn to the Almighty, and say, "If you allow me to live just a few years in the second half of the 20th century, I will be happy."
Now that's a strange statement to make, because the world is all messed up..."

It takes darkness, gloom and slavery to determine and appreciate the essence of light, joy, and freedom. Today's happenings around the world gives us more opportunity to live our lives unrestrained by circumstances. Its the best period to live the life we were born to live. considering the excerpt above, know that nothing should be strong or amazing enough to stop you in your tracks. It gives us the courage to yearn for more, because there is MORE to life than we can see now!

Never cower under anything that tends to limit you because it sees the power and influence that you wield. It may tend to throw mist at the windscreen of your goals and aspirations. The truth remains that you can keep wiping it off and keep moving forward, motivated by what you possess in your heart.

Have you ever thought about it that there is a reason you were not born thousands and hundreds of years ago? Have you ever given it a thought that you may not have had the influence you have right now? Now that you are here, you have the freedom to give to the world what you have in your possession, to the betterment of mankind.

Be dutiful in all that you do, and articulately live with the determination to succeed in all your endeavours. Arise, shine for your time to act is NOW! So be concerned when things are not going right...count it as a privilege and a duty you owe to the redemption of its victims. Take charge, look out for solution from within you. Don't become compassionate by proxy! Put yourself on the line, because you can cause a change by the power of your direct action.

Michaels Aibangbee
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